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Louis B. Lave ☆ Hollywood's Extraordinary Magician 


⭐ Close-Up | Strolling

Louis is a highly sought after magician with impeccable sleight of hand skills.

He combines sleight of hand mastery with hilarious comedy that will keep you on the edge of your seat in suspense and ultimately will blow your mind!

Louis performs magic that is suitable for all ages.

His close up magic can be performed in one show for everyone or he can walk around your event and perform intimate small performances for your guests as he intermingles, engages and entertains your guests throughout your event.

Guaranteed he will astonish and amaze you and your guests with his magic! He is a real crowd pleaser! His mission is to blow minds magically!

The incredibly mind-blowing, astonishing, and amazing effect he will have on your guests, will entertain them in a way like never before.

He will perform astounding miracles with cards, coins, rings, ropes, money, pens, keys, and borrowed objects he never has had contact with in anyway before.

He will hack your mind and read your thoughts you never imagined possible. However, he will keep secret the thoughts you want no one to know... wink wink!

These are just a few miracles of sleight-of-hand artistry Louis will perform for you and your guests.

You will experience close-up magic literally right in front of your own eyes.

You will leave thoroughly amazed by the mystery and wonder performed by the Magician Extraordinaire! 

If you desire a close up show for your event, Louis's close up performances are suitable for about 40 to 50 people in one performance.

Louis's close-up magic performances are customizable and can vary from 20 to 60 minutes in length depending on the need of the event. He can do multiple repeated shows for your event depending on the size of the location and how large your event is in the total of guests.

⭐ Stage | Stand Up Act

Louis has an elegant, extraordinary, and astonishing 45 minute stage act combining classical magic with cutting edge innovative illusions.

Louisdoes not perform any large stage illusions.

However, his stage act will play for large audiences and are nothing less than extraordinary.

His stage act is highly interactive with the audience.

Louis specializes in interacting with the audience.  He invites numerous members of the audience on stage throughout the show. Your guests become part of the show and participate in the magic. Your guests will rave about your Magician at your event. Your event will be a hit. You and your guests will have a magical story to tell forever!

Louis is a tried and tested performer.

He has entertained and performed over 25,000 public and private events world-wide.

He is a well seasoned consummate professional and has entertained every imaginable venue.

His magic is for all ages.

No audience to big and no audience to small.

His uncanny ability and hilarious personality will thoroughly entertain you and your guests at your next event with elegance, distinguishable style, and finesse.

He will amaze and captivate your mind and senses with his impeccable sleight-of-hand skill, precision, and mastery.

He will evoke your curiosity with extraordinarily amazing mystery and wonder.

A true sleight-of-hand artist and impeccable legerdemain.

Perfect for trade shows and product endorsements and launches, cocktail parties, mixers, soiree's, upscale VIP venues etc.

Non-Stop, Amazing, Hilarious Fun Magic and Comedy!